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Company History

Martin Clarke founded CKL Consulting in 1999 to capitalise on his extensive background and experience in automotive aftersales. Identifying a gap in the market for niche skills and innovation, CKL has assembled a team with a wide scope of sector skills to address most scenarios. CKL has gone from strength-to-strength with an enviable portfolio of projects and clients.

  • Vehicle quality and campaign management
  • Aftersales marketing and communications
  • Project management
  • Bodyshop strategies and programs
  • Euro 5/6 compliance strategies
  • Remanufacturing programs
  • Service publications and owner’s information

Based in the UK, with its strong history manufacturing base and aftersales development. Martin and his team reach out across Europe, forming long-term relationships with market leaders. This process enables CKL to not only be reactive in the services they provide, but proactive in advising clients on initiatives and solutions for the future.

Working with CKL for over a decade has been a true pleasure, I take great pride in the innovative technologies & projects we introduced at our joint OEM client.
CKL produces a sharp analysis of the challenges they are presented with, articulating a very clear vision of how to deliver improvement. They are able to obtain buy-in from various stakeholders, then delegate & follow-up like a pit-bull! Highly efficient, very persistent, fair and pleasant. I recommend CKL for any automotive techdoc program you need done correct, on-time and in-budget.

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